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Welcome to Poland! Take part in the Refugees Welcome programme, live with Poles, not in the center for refugees and get to know Poland!

In the Refugees Welcome programme, we help refugees (and people waiting for the decision to grant them international protection) to rent a cheap room in Warsaw at Poles’ homes. We also provide support of volunteers who help to discover the capital and to solve everyday problems. In our Help Center for Foreigners we offer free Polish language courses, support of cultural mentors, legal and psychological assistance as well as support in searching for a  job. Children obtain psychological assistance and support in  learning and individual development. We also organize numerous integrational events.

We do all of this to help you build a good new life in Poland.


 Refugees Welcome programme rules  

  • The Refugees Welcome programme is available to people who have been granted refugee status in Poland: asylum, subsidiary protection, temporary protection, permission to stay for humanitarian reasons, permission for tolerated stay – as well as for those waiting for the decision to grant them such protection.
  • In the program, we help refugees rent a room in Warsaw or around Warsaw, in a house or an apartment of a Pole – a host.
  • The programme is LGBT+ friendly, we do not agree to discriminate against anyone for any reason.
  • A programme participant signs a room rental agreement with the owner of the apartment – the host. The contract is for a limited period: for 3, 6 or 12 months. Either party may terminate it before the deadline, with 1 month’s notice.
  • Renting a room is not free. The amount is established individually with the host. These are often symbolic fees. We always try to find an offer that suits your financial possibilities.
  • The minimum time we need to find a room is 4 weeks. If we do not have a room that is right for you, it may take much longer. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will find a room for you. Therefore, do not stop looking for an apartment on your own.
  • We provide each participant with a support of a volunteer: a buddy or buddies who help discover the capital and solve everyday problems. We also organize numerous integrational events. 
  • Each program participant may use the professional help of the Help Center for Foreigners free of charge. We offer free Polish language courses, support of cultural mentors, legal and psychological assistance as well as support in searching for a job.


Application to the Refugees Welcome programme

To apply to the Refugees Welcome Polska programme, complete the form below. It will help us find a room that suits your needs and financial possibilities. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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    Thank you! Once you send the application, we will contact you to arrange a meeting. Applying does not guarantee a place in the programme.